Writer Brand: Don’t Market Yourself Too Thin

Writer Brand: Don’t Market Yourself Too Thin

brandI’ve been meeting with writers lately about platforms. One thing I’ve consistently seen is too much stuff.   Too many websites, blogs, Facebook pages, you name it.  Here’s what’s important:  readers want to find you and interact with you.  If they can’t, then they won’t.  Spreading yourself thin can degrade the quality of the interaction they get.  So focus on doing a couple of things great.

1- One landing page.

Whether this is a website, a blog or a Facebook Author page doesn’t matter.  Just pick one and make it fabulous.  This is like your home, where everyone can find you.  The best scenario for a writer brand is an author page that has a blog on it.


2- One Facebook page.

YOU, the writer, are the brand, not the book.  Create one author page.  Don’t use your personal page and don’t create a book page for every book you write.  Unless of course you are only writing one book, then it’s fine.  But if you plan to build  a readership, create an author page. It offers more fun stuff via apps over the personal page anyway.


Brand3- One Twitter account.

Twitter is used for connecting with people.  If they can’t tell the difference between your author account and your personal one, they won’t know what to follow.  Unless you have 1000 friends and family followers on Twitter, just have one account and keep the personal relationships for your personal Facebook.


4- One Social Media account.

One?  Yes but only if you are just starting out.  Facebook is not for everyone, neither is Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn. But if you have them all and aren’t updating them, then you are diluting your brand and harming your credibility.  Pick one you like and are comfortable with.  Use it religiously and drive folks to your landing page (website).  Make it interactive and fun.


The bottom line with all this is quality.  I know you’d rather be writing, and by creating an amazing author website and using one social networking outlet to get people there, you will create a quality brand and have more time for writing.

4 Replies to “Writer Brand: Don’t Market Yourself Too Thin”

  1. For those of us that tech savvy enough to create and maintain a website would you say that combing a (one) Blogger account with one Facebook page is recommendable or is there another idea you’d suggest?

    1. Thanks for popping in JB! Yes, I think combining those is a good idea. The problem I’m seeing, especially with new writers, is they aren’t tech savvy enough or frankly don’t want to spend the time marketing, so they are all over the place and have diluted their message. If you can update consistently on all the sites, I say go for it!

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