Why Aren’t PRs on Twitter?

Why Aren’t PRs on Twitter?

images (1)I recently gave a class on Twitter to a room full of PR professionals. The collective groan when I walked in made me want to turn right back around and go somewhere else. But then I thought about it…why aren’t these people on Twitter? They are all professional communicators and they cringe at the thought. So rather than start them out with how to do Twitter, I started with why Twitter is good for them.

I asked why they weren’t using it, and the overwhelming response I got was that they were simply not interested in it. One went so far as to tell me that he did not need little bits of meaningless drivel doled out in spoonful, semi-literate portions and would prefer to converse via telephone.

Well, I think that is a bit harsh, but I understand what they are saying. They are on Facebook and we have a guy who does the social media for us at work. But couldn’t they find it useful? These are people who are required to stay on top of the news and current events. These are folks who need to know what the populace is saying about certain topics. These are people who should know why twitter is good for them.

After a bit more research, I think the reason they aren’t interested is because they don’t understand it. Here is how I think Twitter can be relentlessly helpful to just about anyone, but especially to communicators:

1- You can follow the news faster on Twitter than on anywhere else on the internet. And you can get the news from a million different outlets. That’s the best part. Diversity on a specific news cycle.

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2- You can participate in Tweet Chats about topics I’m specifically interested in. These are preset hours run by a moderator who asks questions every 7 or 8 minutes. Everyone answers the question and then respond to others’ answers. It’s fast and it’s fun!

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3- You can interject my self into a conversation on just about anything and engage total strangers during major events like the Super Bowl and the State of the Union or even Apple’s release of the new Apple Watch. This is especially helpful when your spouse has no interest in the topic!

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4- You can find emergency information from folks on the ground, from cops or from reporters at the scene of an incident. I follow the Alexandria Police who always report accidents and fleeing fugitives and crime. But I also search for information on the ground of natural disasters, plane crashes, whatever.

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5- You can talk directly to folks: reporters, politicians, famous folks, albeit some of these are just PR hacks like me doing the tweets for them, but the idea is the same. I can get information to the front of a previously closed door.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 8.57.16 PM

6- You can obtain great customer service. Some of the BEST customer service I’ve ever received came via Twitter.


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It’s my opinion that communicators, any communicator, should be on Twitter. If you are in the business of information, and that includes any information, then you are missing out on a massive section of the population by not being on Twitter. Are you on Twitter? Why or why not? Feel free to follow me @jennyl0vett and get and give information faster than anywhere else.

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