What I learned about Pinterest for Writers

What I learned about Pinterest for Writers

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 9.05.10 PMLast week, I decided to spend some time researching how writers can use Pinterest to further their writers platform.  My philosophy is that in order to reach the people, you need to be where the people are.  Right now, they are all on Pinterest.  

I previously wrote on this topic and found five writers doing it right.  After more research, I still think Pinterest is definitely the place to showcase your work and connect with your readers.

Debbie Macomber’s boards (click on photo) offer some interesting ideas on Pinterest for writers to include series boards and hobbies related to the book’s theme.  Here are some other ideas on Pinterest for writers:

1- Create worlds.  Use photos found all over the internet or while you are out location scouting or just out and about.  Anything that reminds you of what you are trying to create, snap a pic and post it.

2. – Create series boards.  If you are writing a series, that is.  Each series can have book covers, works in progress, character bios, town descriptions.  Again, anything that reminds you of the series can be posted to your series board.

3 – Create true characters.  If you’ve already cast the entire novel, then create a board with photos of the entire character list, even the minor ones.  Even if you aren’t sure what they look like, you should know what they like to do, like to wear, like to eat, places and hobbies they like.  Introduce your character to your reader.

4- Market that book.  One board for one book and include the previous tidbits (world and characters).  Make sure every pin includes a link back to your blog or website, where they can hopefully learn more and buy the book.
Still not convinced?  Here are some interesting statistics I learned this week also (courtesy of Mashable, Pinterest & Tech World)

1- The number of Pinterest users to visit the site daily has gone up 145% since January 2012!

2- Over 80% of pins are actually repins rather than original content

3- Pinterest user growth is better than that of Facebook and Twitter at the same point in their history

4- There are almost as many folks on Pinterest as there are on Twitter

5- Brands are doing very wellBetter Homes & Gardens has 25,000 followers on Pinterest & only 21,000 on Twitter (I could repin just about anything on their site!!)

Spending the week looking at Pinterest was fun and educational. It convinced me more than ever that writers need to leverage this platform, especially writers in genres aimed at women, since they make up 80% of Pinterest users.  So, take out the scrapbooks, pull out the cameras and give your reader a visual into that story percolating in your brain.  They’ll love you for it!

What successful techniques have you found using Pinterest to further your writer platform or garner a larger readership?

Would love to hear from you!

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