Talk up that book and build your readership

Talk up that book and build your readership

ladies groupNo matter what your novel is about, there is a group out there that wants to hear about it.  That group is part of your readership whether you’ve identified them yet or not.

Part of the writers platform is talking to readers.  I don’t advocate book signings at bookstores unless they are small, homegrown stores where you can throw a party and have a good time.  I advocate talking to groups who would be interested in your topic and therefore in your book.

For example, if your novel was a romance novel involving artists, then seek out art groups. If it’s about a woman who gardens, then seek out gardening clubs.  If it’s a spy thriller with a main character from the CIA, seek out intelligence alumni or professional associations.  There is a group for absolutely everything and they are ripe for your picking.

Call the group leader and ask for 30 minutes.  Tell them you’ll bring snacks, and take in enough books for everyone because:

1.  Groups have meetings that need agenda fillers

2.  Groups want to be involved with the issues affecting them

3.  Smaller groups are more likely to talk about your book with you

4.  People are more likely to buy your books when they know you or have met you

Writers sometimes miss opportunities to reach their readership because the cookie cutter marketing plan doesn’t involve much speaking.  You wrote a book because you have something to say.  Say it to the appropriate audience and they’ll be more inclined to talk about your book.  And everyone knows word of mouth is the best seller of any book in any market.

What groups would you speak to and why?


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