Sneaking in ways to build a writer’s platform on Pinterest

Sneaking in ways to build a writer’s platform on Pinterest


How in the world could a writer use a tool that is really nothing more than a high-tech bulletin board with thumb-tacked photos all over it for a writer’s platform?  A million different ways!

And with Pinterest edging out Google, Yahoo! and Bing to be the #2 search engine (behind Facebook), it is the place to be.  And here at Checkmate, our motto is to be where the readers are.

Two things to keep in mind with the images you post:  1- copyright & 2-links.  Always make sure there isn’t a copyright on the image (safer sometimes to repin others pins if you aren’t sure).  And always link each pin back to your website, blog, Twitter or Facebook page (whichever is your internet main avenue or home base).

Here are some fun ideas for Pinterest from fellow writers:

1. Book Props – NY Times Bestselling Author Susan Wiggs has one of my favorite boards.  She pins jewelry her characters wear or would wear on her boards.  She also posts drinks from the tavern in her Lakeshore Chronicles series.  This is a fabulous way to promote your books and local businesses.

2. Character & Location Ideas – Author Kate Hart posts ideas for Works in Progress on her boards.  This is one of my favorite ideas because a writer can keep readers up on the progress of the book and keeps the writer motivated to continue writing/posting for the readers.

3. Writing Prompts – Romance Writer Angel Smits posts weekly writing prompts to her board.  If you’re feeling stuck, it’s a great place to get unstuck.

4. Platform Interests – Author Pam McCutcheon uses Pinterest to illustrate Feng Shui in all its various qualities.  Writers with a niche platform can do the same thing.  Each niche can be broken into categories (read boards) and filled with pictures, illustrations, drawings and images unique to that niche.

5. Contest & Giveaways – Author Lisa Renee Jones uses Pinterest for a variety of interesting ways.  One in particular is to promote her latest book through contests and giveaways.  She also displays her very awesome book covers.

What other ideas have you seen on Pinterest that work really well?


Would love to hear from you!

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