Pinterest – Why it’s beating Facebook & Twitter

Pinterest – Why it’s beating Facebook & Twitter

6939604809_6b072449a0_zAre you on Pinterest? You need to be.

Pinterest has been around since early 2010, and serves as a digital “corkboard.” Users create boards and pin pictures to those boards, effectively building a corkboard of photos about a particular subject. More than 80% Pinterest users are women age 35 and older and in the upper middle class economic scale.

Here are five reasons why fiction writers should utilize Pinterest:

1- Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter.

2- Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites than Facebook or Twitter.

3- There are 10x as many clicks on the “Pin It” button than on the “Tweet This” button

4- Pinterest users spend an average of $185 per click versus the Facebook user’s $80

5- 80% of Pinterest users are upper middle class women

How does this help you?images

– 76% of Americans say they read at least one book in the year 2014 and the typical American read five books in that 12 month period

– 82% of those are women and 85% are in the upper middle class economic level

That means if you write fiction and you write stories for women, you must be on Pinterest. For some ideas about how to use Pinterest, check out my post on Sneaking in Ways to Build an Author Platform on Pinterest.

 How are you using Pinterest? Tell me your best practices.




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