New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

start lineOk, I’m doing it. I’m making writers resolutions. Well, ok, they aren’t all about writing and there isn’t just one. Normally, I think these are hokie but I’ve found that without goals, days just become one big ‘sit on the couch and watch tv’ cycle. Yuck!

So here I go. I resolve:

To write every single day. I’d like to see how many days I can go in a row. Hopefully 365. Well, I suppose since this is the 13th of January, I’ll try to go 352! And how you might ask? Hello 6:15. I plan to wake up 30 minutes earlier. If this doesn’t work, then right before bed. I am usually better at night but I love the still of the morning.

To go to the gym at least 4 days a week. This one shouldn’t be too hard because I generally do this anyway. It’s the fifth day where I start slacking. This again is done right after writing. Get it done first thing.

To my health: I want to eat one very large salad every single day. Another of those “how many days can I go things.” Something I try to do anyway, but now it’s a goal.

And lastly, to write a letter a month. An actual letter. You know with pen and paper. My grandfather loves to know what’s going on and so does my great-grandfather and letters are the best way to keep them informed. So, a letter a month.

So 2014 – bring it on!

Did any of you make resolutions? What are they? How do you plan to track them or make them work?

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  1. Good luck to you! I haven’t made resolutions…I just end up breaking them anyway. But I did start a new diet a couple of days ago, the 3 Day Military Diet. I’m on day three, and it’s harsh. But today I was allowed to eat cheese. Tomorrow, I’ll be able to have snacks between my measly meals!

    1. Me too Kristi, me too. This year though, rather than saying I’m going to do X every day, I decided I’m going to see what the longest stretch I can write. I’m hoping smaller goals will be easier to incorporate into my daily habit. We’ll see.

  2. Love it! I resolve to write 7500 words a week. Including…everything: blogs, book, short stories, whatever. My watchword this year is – Create! Love the letter thing! I included a resolution to send a card every month – started as Thank you cards but switched to any card.
    What a surprise! Another thing we think alike! Good thing we don’t root for the same football team (most days) or no one could tell us apart. HA!

    1. Mardra,
      Excellent goal! I think our Delve Days have made us fantastic goal setters 🙂

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