Market your new book: 4 ways to kill it before it’s launched

Market your new book: 4 ways to kill it before it’s launched

ERNEST HEMINGWAYSo you’re a writer who wants people to read your book? Awesome! Do you know how to get that book and the next one in their hands? Do you really know how to market your new book? Well, if you do all the following, you’ll guarantee they won’t come back for more.


READ MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK! LOOK AT MY STUFF! – Continually asking people to do something for you is a major turn off, this includes asking folks to buy your book six times a day on Twitter. You haven’t let them get to know you first. It’s much more valuable to post about you – your likes, dislikes, hobbies, activities, thoughts.  Thoughts on what? Anything – a new book, a news story, even politics and religion.


Let your peeps get to know you and give them free stuff (bags, mugs, pens, corsets, whatever). All people love free stuff. The bookmark is overrated. Do something cool from your book. Aaron Michael Ritchey gives out a red bag with candy in it because there is a red bag in his book. Cool idea. Plus, I love candy.


HERE IS MY ONE POST FOR THE WEEK – Your one post? You are selling a product. That product is you, the writer, and your book. If all you offer is one post a week, that doesn’t allow potential readers to get to know you or your book. And readers buy books from word of mouth.

If people aren’t talking about you, they aren’t buying you. Rule of thumb: 1-3 Facebook posts, 7 tweets & 1-3 Pinterest pics per DAY. At least one blog post a week – blogs are more about consistent content. Pick a day or two and stick to it. If you really want to get wild, do videos and podcasts as well.

If You Build it They Will Come... Just Kidding...WRITE IT AND THEY WILL COME – Really? The publishing industry is a business. Period. If you want to sell books, or simply get your book in other people’s hands, they have to know about it. Whining about the audacity of publishers to expect you to market is a waste of time.

Bob Mayer gave a talk last year and told us he couldn’t believe the audacity of the publisher to ask him to market his work AND they still gave him only 15-30% of the cut. That is worth complaining about. Marketing is a necessary evil, but if you are biz savvy enough, have the time and maybe a bit of cash, you can indie publish and keep 70% of the cut. That’s what Bob did.


publishing-team-author-supportLEAVE TEAMWORK TO FOOTBALL PLAYERS – Will everyone succeed? Of course not. But my mantra is you’ll always be on the outs if you don’t make the effort. Today’s publishing business is saturated, which means it’s a publisher’s market, not a writer’s market. That doesn’t mean it is Fort Knox. It is penetrable. You can get your name and your book out there.

One of the best methods I’ve seen is to tag team with other authors. You promote them, they promote you. You talk about their book. They talk about yours. Build a team of people who are as excited for you to succeed as you are. My writer crew has a group on Facebook with about 30 authors on it. Every time someone has a new post, or a new book or a signing or anything, we all go read it and put it out on our outlets.


It doesn’t have to be hard to market your new book. I know it’s not as much fun as actually writing it, but with enough creativity, you will get your book in the hands of the readers and they will tell all their friends how crazy awesome your book is. So get out there and make it happen!

In the meantime, let me know in the comments the most annoying comment or tweet you’ve every read.


22 Replies to “Market your new book: 4 ways to kill it before it’s launched”

  1. Great post! Thanks for the specific numbers, that helps me know the goal. I am trying to market a book that’s not even done. Crazy world!

  2. I already do that and more on social media for my business. I don’t know if I’m able to double it. My book will be on Kindle and Amazon in November

    1. Great Linda – it sounds like you’re on the right track! Good luck with the book!

  3. I have an E-Book on Amazon since March of this year, and I haven’t been doing much to market it. I’ve been focused on blogging, coaching, and building a community, rather than my book. I do use social media to share my ideas, and positive thoughts to my followers.
    Thanks for the tips. It is important to get the word out there, because no one will find you in a vacuum.

    1. Keri, I think you are doing all the right things. Keep it up and good luck on the book!

  4. These are excellent suggestions for anyone wanting to get known whether an author or business. People like to “get to know” the people behind a product particularly as they do so much online now

  5. I’m definitely keeping your post handy for when I’m ready to write my first book. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about taking a stab at in the future.

  6. Great info! It being a publisher market is sort of scary, especially for first time authors. Your post definitely adds light. Thank you, visiting from Blog Formatting. your new follower.

    1. I agree that publishing is scary for a new author. My biggest advice is to write the best book ever. The rest will take care of itself.

  7. Jennifer –

    Awesome post! Relationship building, relationship building, relationship building. People don’t want to be sold to, they want to buy . . . and they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! (enough clichés!!) I’ve heard about 20% promo to 80% content – would you agree? I’m posting pretty consistently with the numbers you listed above (well – not including Pinterest) . . . and popping in a reminder about a workshop or home study course or group program about 20% of the time. Thoughts? Thanks!


    1. Yes! I absolutely agree. It’s all about relationships and word of mouth. The bottom line is that people are more likely to by something from someone they know or know of or can know more about. Sounds to me like you’re doing it right!

  8. I haven’t written a book yet so this one is filed away for future reference. It’s so important to build a following and bring people into your world. It’s all about consistency on social media. I started with nothing in February and have started to really build something. And still work full time. Social media makes it so easy though 😉

  9. I have a workbook/ebook and I know I’m not doing enough to market it. Just like Keri, I am doing a lot of blogging, blog coaching, and networking. My workbook is intended to be used as a checklist of things to verify to make you blog better, but not feeding you the exact steps to do it.
    I am wondering if you have suggestions how to market it in this case. Thanks Jennifer!

    1. It sounds like you have all the elements Delia. Just make sure to push those blog posts out on all social media and frankly, schedule in person workshops. That face to face relationship building is worth gold in marketing. Good luck!

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