How to Create an Effective Author Page on Facebook

How to Create an Effective Author Page on Facebook

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 10.42.34 PMCreating an author page on Facebook is one of the simplest ways to separate your personal life and your writer’s life.  It is also one of the best and easy ways to provide readers a place to get to know you the author, which will in turn make them repeat readers.

Interaction on Facebook is what makes it effective.  If you are going to have a personal blog page or an author page, make it worthwhile for people to stop by.

1.  Best times to post:  high-traffic times run 12 – 1 and 5-7.  Folks are on Facebook all day long and use starts ramping up at early lunch time with a sharp decrease around 3 -4 pm and a large ramp up again at 5pm.  Be there when your peeps are.

2.  Best things to post:  photos.  It has a 76% chance of being seen, liked and shared than any other post (as opposed to only 17% for videos).  But don’t overdo it.  Studies also say three a week is plenty.  Anymore is overload.

3.  Best copy to post:  short, short, short.  Anything between 5 to 15 words will be read.  Anything more will be ignored.

4. Best formula for a post:  photo with a call to action.  But copy with call to action works well too.  Ask a question, ask them to comment on a fact, ask their opinion.  Worst thing to ask?  “like” this posts plummets in the ratings and will take your readers with it.

5. Best pages to emulate:  National Hockey League, Skittles, Macy’s and Tide all have effective, useful and interactive sites.  For writers,  Janet Evanovich’s Author Page on Facebook takes the cake!

6. Best layout: a profile pic that is recognizable, a header photo that has brand aspiration, an about section with a website link and apps.  More about all this next week.

(Resources:  Mashable, Online Marketing Institute, TechnoWrite)

What tips have you found work for your Author Page on Facebook?



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