Flickr versus Picasa: photos for writers

Flickr versus Picasa: photos for writers


I’m still deciding between Flickr and Picasa.  Both photo sites have practical uses for writers and a large selection of photos.

Flickr is excellent for finding photos.  It is a repository for professionals and amateurs alike, and seems to be more geared toward photographers.

On the other hand, Picasa is better for building albums.  With its multi-photo downloader, writers can have different albums for each need and fill them up.

Picasa is linked directly to GooglePlus, which also helps with building a writer’s platform on that social media site.  However, since Google made that move, I find it a bit more difficult to use.

Each can help writers put what’s in their brain onto the page.  Flickr and Picasa should be used to build albums for ideas, and Pinterest is the place to tack them up.    Flickr is also great for finding a photog to help generate buzz or visuals for stories and blogs.  I choose Picasa for building visual boards that reflect scenes, characters, setting.

The only thing I caution writers about is copyright.  Flickr is pretty good about access to the photog, so you can ask them for permission to use the photo.  Picasa is not really set up that way, but you can always message the owner and ask.


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