Facebook – love it or hate it, you need it for your writer’s platform

Facebook – love it or hate it, you need it for your writer’s platform

facebook-front_1796837bWriters ask all the time, “Do I have to use Facebook?”  The answer is no but the reality is for all the same reason you want to use Twitter, you also want to use Facebook to build your writer’s platform.  I know you’d rather be writing, but if you want to also sell your book, here are some ideas:

1- Facebook is easy to use and 1 billion people are on it.  Yes, that’s one billion people around the world, mostly in the United States and Australia.  Americans spend on average 6 hours per day on Facebook, while Aussies spend eight.  Crazy, right?  Not so much if you take advantage of it.

2- It is considered THE #1 search tool out there.  So if people want to find a good book to read or an author whose work is hot right now, where are the looking?  Facebook.

When you finally decide to “become one of them,” use Facebook to:

1- Promote yourself and engagement with readers NOT the book.  People are interested in you, the writer, and your process.  How did you come up with ____?  Fill in the blank:  your main character, your plot line, the town where the story takes place.  Tell them all about it.

2- Join groups and engage with readers and writers.  This is easier on Facebook than Twitter because the setup is for comments and interaction.  Let them ask you questions.  You ask questions.  Comment on other people’s writing.

3- Be fun.  Even if your nature is surly, find something you enjoy and talk about it.  Like-minded folks will respond with as much sarcasm, caustic wit and humor as you put into it.  And they’ll find, they like you and will want to check out your work.

Why do you think you need Facebook?  How do you already use it?

(Resources: Pew Research on Social Media)

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