Delving into Pinterest as a tool for the writers platform

Delving into Pinterest as a tool for the writers platform

Bulletin BoardThis week I’m devoting time to Pinterest.  In a previous post, I discussed authors who use Pinterest to help them in various ways.  But I think it is underutilized for a writers platform, and I plan to prove its usefulness.

Pinterest has only been around since 2009 but has exploded on the social networking scene.  Pew Research came out this week with a new study showing fresh statistics for social media usage, and Pinterest just caught up with Twitter for the percentage of internet users posting on the site.  Besides, the world knows if you want to reach an audience, you need photos and video.  Here are some interesting facts:

  • 15% of online users admit to using Pinterest
  • 12M Americans use Pinterest
  • Most of Pinterest users are females with 6-figure salaries (who happen to read fiction)

For these reasons alone, I’ll be spending the week getting to know Pinterest better and while I already advocate its use for writers, I’m interested in just how far we can take it.  I’ll report back Monday, March 18, with what I find.

What tips on Pinterest have you used to help you enhance your readership?

Would love to hear from you!

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