BOOK REVIEW: Fire & Fury Inside the Trump White House

BOOK REVIEW: Fire & Fury Inside the Trump White House

BOOK REVIEW: Fire & Fury Inside the Trump White House

Yes, I admit it. I bought it. Burn me at the stake, if you must, but I did it.

And since I bought it, I also read it and feel compelled to write a review.

*DISCLAIMER* This is not a political post and does not in any way reflect any one else’s opinion but my own.

So, have you paid even the slightest attention to the news on President Trump in the past year? You have? Oh great! Then you’ve read this book.

It’s really like a chronological compilation of all the stories you’ve heard with some behind-the-scenes action shots. This whole, “DC rocked by new book” is hysterical to me because nothing in this thing should surprise you.

The writing is fantastic. The pace moves rapidly. The stories are entertaining at the least, and a bit scary at most – unless you’ve read anything about how LBJ or Nixon ran their White Houses. I learned a lot of new words. The author is very pleased with himself and his vocabulary. Would I read something else by this author? Probably not.

Will it sway opinion on President Trump? No. His supporters will scream it’s trash, and his detractors will scream it’s the God’s own truth. Is it worth a read? If you know you are an extreme leftie or righty, don’t bother reading it. The leftie will grin with glee and the righty will seethe with anger, both unable to discern fact from fiction. If you truly can read something objectively and with a grain of salt, then go for it.

The best PR for anyone in the world is for someone to demand you not to buy something. And that’s what happened with this book. Every administration has had something like this put out about it. The reaction is what relegates it to the dust bin or the New York Times Bestseller list.

So, if you’re sick of politics or are just wondering what the hype is about, find your favorite news outlet and read the review. It will have all you need to know.



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