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The Hotsheet

The Hotsheet

If you haven’t signed up for The Hotsheet yet, or if you’ve never even heard of it, let me be the first to tell you to sign up. It’s terribly difficult to sift through the epic mountains of marketing data on the internet and this does it for you. I almost never recommend products on my page, but this one is a must.

It’s a combined effort between Porter Anderson and Jane Friedman. Anderson is a former CNN journalist and is now editor in chief of Publishing Perspectives. Friedman is a consultant for Publishers Weekly. Both have extensive knowledge of the book industry and marketing trends within that industry.

The Hotsheet is basically a book publishing news roundup. So instead of scouring the Internet for what you’re looking for, these two pretty much know what you’re looking for and are trying to make it easier for you to find.

It’s free for a month, so if it’s not your thing, you can opt out. Or if it is, then after the free one, it’s $59/year. Since you’re a writer, it’s also a tax write-off (but I’m no tax attorney, so double check!). Click here to read more about it.


Tell the truth

Tell the truth

When it comes to effective communication, it is absolutely important to tell the truth. If a reader or potential customer views you as untrustworthy, you’ll fail. Does that mean you need to answer every single question they ask? No it doesn’t. You may have very wise reasons for not divulging everything, so tell them what you can and why you can’t elaborate.

This is Communications 101.

There are some writers who don’t like to talk about their children or broadcast exactly where they live. You have boundaries, and only you can enforce those boundaries. What you can’t do is lie about it.

Do you remember Ryan Lochte at the Rio Olympics last summer? Whether he embellished his harrowing escape from gun-wielding police officers or simply couldn’t remember exactly what happened, his multiple stories damaged his credibility, almost irreversibly. When you’re answering questions about where you got your idea for a spy who barreled through Berlin on a motorbike, make sure you tell them the truth. Did you try to ride a motorbike through Berlin or did you just watch a YouTube video?

How about the Whole Pantry Author Belle Gibson? She lied for nearly a decade about having terminal cancer. She launched her business on it. Think she still has a company or readership? Probably not.

I’m not suggesting that writers lie, but what I do want to point out is that we work in the world of fiction. When writers talk with readers, they become publicists and marketers. There is a misperception that those professions are rampant with liars, spinners, charlatans. Protect yourself by answering truthfully, without hesitation.

But if there is a scenario where you don’t want to discuss your personal information, then don’t. And tell only what you want. Resist the urge to embellish details. You may get away with it for a while, but over time, you’ll lose. In the day and age of instant information, you can’t keep secrets for long.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Since I’ve moved to South Korea, most of my writing events are online. However, there are two wonderful writing groups here for ex-pats:

The Seoul Writers Collectives and Fiction Writers in Seoul.

Both groups have provided ample opportunity to meet established and aspiring writers.

I’m still a member of Washington Romance Writers and produce their weekly newsletter, make sure to check out their news here. I also still hang on to my writer peeps at Pikes Peak Writers in Colorado and plan to attend their conference in April – it’s one of my favorites!

The events I post are ones I’ll be attending and are open to anyone, so feel free to join me!

April 2018

April 27-29, Pikes Peak Writers Conference

April 20-22, Washington Romance Writers Retreat

November 2017

National Novel Writing Month

November 11, WRW Military Panel

October 2017

October 20-21, HallowRead



September 2017

September 9, WRW General Meeting and Facebook Ads with Jamie Farrell

September 16, Music City Romance Writers workshop on Goal, Motivation, Conflict with Deb Dixon

August 2017

August 24-27, Killer Nashville Writers Conference

August 19, Music City Romance Writers workshop on editing and revising


July 2017

July 2017, TBD

Plotting by the Pool

Washington DC



May 2017

May 23-25

Seoul International Forum for Literature

Seoul, Republic of Korea



April 2017

April 27-May 30

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

Colorado Springs Marriott in Colorado Springs, Colorado



March 2017

March 26, 2017

Seoul Writers Collective Workshop
Dan & Chungs in Itaewon, South Korea

3 to 5:30pm



February 2017

February 17-20, 2017

Writers Retreat
Hoi An, Vietnam



February 19, 2017

Seoul Writers Collective Workshop
Dan & Chungs in Itaewon, South Korea

3 to 5:30pm

January 2017

January 8, 2017

Seoul Writers Collective Workshop
Dan & Chungs in Itaewon, South Korea

3 to 5:30pm


January 13-16

Writers Retreat

Mt Soraksan, South Korea

It’s all about the live video!

It’s all about the live video!

If you aren’t using Facebook Live, it’s time to start.

When Facebook launched the service a little over a year ago, no one could imagine what a difference it made. The access it grants is astounding, and intoxicating. Users simply can’t get enough of it. And that is good for writers! Here are five tips to get you going.


Have a specific reason

Are you going live just to live or do you have a reason? Remember, you are aiming at a particular audience. Think about what they want from you, and what you can give them. The advice here is the same for all content – it isn’t about you and asking people to buy your book. It’s about making a connection.

Think of your surroundings

Is it windy? Is it loud and noisy? Some ambient noise is fine, but if it’s taking over the video, then it won’t help you out. What does the background say? Does it contradict what you’re trying to say or does it compliment it?

Timing is everything

What is going on in the world right now? Are there current events you can comment on that will help you connect with readers? What is going on in your book? Can you relate it to something in world? If you go live during a major world event are you going to look insensitive? Make sure you know what’s going on.

Shorter is better

While Facebook tries to get you to stay live longer, if the video starts to lag, viewers will leave. Plan your content so there is no lag in the middle. Keep it engaging and generally, keep it short. This is true for most videos. Less than a minute (two at most) is good for recorded video, but you can probably get away with longer for live video if it’s fun and interesting.

Use your world

Are you visiting a new place? Museum? Bookstore, coffee shop, historic site? Show your readers where you are and what you’re doing. Are you writing? Take a break and talk about how it’s going (if you’re complaining about writers block, make it fun by showing what you’re doing instead of writing).

Facebook Marketing with Cherry Adair

Facebook Marketing with Cherry Adair

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.40.54 AMI just spent the weekend learning about new plotting methods, character development and dialogue with the NYTimes Bestseller Cherry Adair. What a hoot she is!

While her session was about the mechanics of writing, I got to spend a little bit of time chatting with her about her marketing. What struck me the most was her Facebook. The woman runs 12 Facebook pages, herself. Yes, twelve!

Read More Read More