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BOOK REVIEW: Fire & Fury Inside the Trump White House

BOOK REVIEW: Fire & Fury Inside the Trump White House

BOOK REVIEW: Fire & Fury Inside the Trump White House

Yes, I admit it. I bought it. Burn me at the stake, if you must, but I did it.

And since I bought it, I also read it and feel compelled to write a review.

*DISCLAIMER* This is not a political post and does not in any way reflect any one else’s opinion but my own.

So, have you paid even the slightest attention to the news on President Trump in the past year? You have? Oh great! Then you’ve read this book.

It’s really like a chronological compilation of all the stories you’ve heard with some behind-the-scenes action shots. This whole, “DC rocked by new book” is hysterical to me because nothing in this thing should surprise you.

The writing is fantastic. The pace moves rapidly. The stories are entertaining at the least, and a bit scary at most – unless you’ve read anything about how LBJ or Nixon ran their White Houses. I learned a lot of new words. The author is very pleased with himself and his vocabulary. Would I read something else by this author? Probably not.

Will it sway opinion on President Trump? No. His supporters will scream it’s trash, and his detractors will scream it’s the God’s own truth. Is it worth a read? If you know you are an extreme leftie or righty, don’t bother reading it. The leftie will grin with glee and the righty will seethe with anger, both unable to discern fact from fiction. If you truly can read something objectively and with a grain of salt, then go for it.

The best PR for anyone in the world is for someone to demand you not to buy something. And that’s what happened with this book. Every administration has had something like this put out about it. The reaction is what relegates it to the dust bin or the New York Times Bestseller list.

So, if you’re sick of politics or are just wondering what the hype is about, find your favorite news outlet and read the review. It will have all you need to know.



Two Definites You Need in Book Marketing

Two Definites You Need in Book Marketing

Have you heard there is no sure thing in publishing? It’s crazy, isn’t it? Well the only sure thing in publishing is that someone already well-known could sell a book. That’s why the Big Five focus on celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and for nonfiction, those with an established platform. But I’ve had more than one book agent tell me that other than name recognition, word-of-mouth and Oprah, they don’t know what truly sells a book. They package up a publicity schedule bundle that includes book signings and book talks and events and what happens? They hope.

I have a mantra: No, is just the beginning. No, typically means “I don’t know” or “It’s too hard.” Writing a book is hard too, but you did it. Now you need to market it. Don’t take “no” for an answer ever. There is a way to make it work for you.

So, if we go off what we know, you have three ways to get to the “yes” with your marketing scheme —  name recognition, word-of-mouth and Oprah. Let’s assume you are not a major celebrity or that you know Oprah, and go with word-of-mouth. How do you build it?

In today’s super social media saturated world, it’s hard to figure out where to focus your marketing energies. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Kik, Strava, LinkedIn, Google+, Goodreads. Where to even start?

Here’s what I’ll tell you. Forget all the social media outlets except one. While most social media outlets have morphed into niche issues, Facebook continues to be the outlet with the most diverse group of users. Young folks may have abandoned it to Snapchat or Instagram, most still have a page. But readers who buy books are between the ages of 30-55. Those people are still on Facebook and there is no trend analysis showing that will change in the next ten years.

Therefore, focus on Facebook. Will you sell books there? Probably not. What you will do is build your network. This is where you build your word-of-mouth marketing. Build a Page, Build a Group, Buy Ads and Publish Cool Content.

Then, focus on Amazon Ads. This is one place on the Internet where you know people go to buy things. They’re primed for it. It’s why they go there. If you can master the art of Amazon Ads, you can get your book in the right place for a buyer to see it. There are a plethora of videos on YouTube to help you with this. Take the time to learn it, master it and sell your books.

Never take “no” for an answer. Find the “yes.” If you don’t know where to start, begin with Facebook and Amazon. Everything else is noise. When you’re comfortable with those two, then you can move on.



“No” is Just the Starting Point

“No” is Just the Starting Point

In my line of work, I’ve been called a “puppy dog yapping at my heels,” “bulldog pain in the ass,” “go-getter,” and on one occasion “the energizer bunny.” I wear each of those proudly because they mostly come from people who are not focused enough to get where they want to go. They don’t know how to get there or are motivated by the title, not the job.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you ever had a great idea and the immediate response from the first four people was, “No. It can’t be done”? “No” is the easy answer, right? If someone says yes, it typically means they’ll have to be more involved.

Here’s what “No” really means:

  • I don’t know.
  • I don’t care.
  • I’m threatened.

I don’t know.

Whether he doesn’t want to admit he’s ignorant on a subject or truly doesn’t know is almost irrelevant. The fact is that this person is not going to help you and unless you are his boss, move on.

I don’t care.

This is the lazy man’s response. This person punches her clock every day and does the bare minimum. You will not get where you want to go with this person or his attitude.

I’m threatened.

This person is scared you’re going to show him up. You have a good idea, and he wished he’d thought of it first. Move on before he steals it.


So, how does this relate to you and your marketing?

If you want to be a best seller, it takes a massive amount of effort – to write the book and to sell the book. You are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. If they are motivated, you’ll be motivated. If they are couch bums, complaining about why their social media won’t work with their one post every other day, then that will be you too.

What I’m saying is this. Surround yourself with people who want to get to the “Yes.”

Yes, but … here are all the things you’ll need to do to get there.

Yes, and … here are some things to do as well

Yes, yes, yes, ….. I can totally help you do this!


So, brainstorm your ideas for marketing. List them out. And find people to help you get to the “yes” of making them work for you.

WRITER NATION PODCAST #3: Never Quit Reading, Jamie Farrell

WRITER NATION PODCAST #3: Never Quit Reading, Jamie Farrell

Ms Jamie Farrell

Writer, Mom, All Around Funny Girl

& Bacon Eater!

“The real trick in today’s book world is the marketing. Set up your social media and your newsletter lists but understand that the best marketing plan will not sell a bad book. Work on your craft.  “



Jamie writes the cutest, funniest stories, and is the author of 11 published books. Learning the craft of fiction writing, she wrote four books before she ever self-published her first one. The sixth book in her Misfit Brides series has a cover reveal this fall! We met up in Washington DC at the September General Meeting and Fall Kick-off of Washington Romance Writers where she gave a wonderful workshop on Facebook Ads. I grabbed her the night before to chat about her journey. Her professionalism and business sense are exactly what today’s authors need to emulate. I hope you find motivation from Jamie’s story to finish your book and launch your author business.

Topics covered in the show:

  • Military Moves
  • Organizing Your Book Launch
    • Book covers
    • Editing
    • Social Media
  • Advanced Review Teams
  • Newsletter and Social Media
  • Where to Write

Find Jamie!

Organizations mentioned in the podcast



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Jessica started as an intern with Entangled Publishing in 2013 and was promoted to editorial assistant in 2014. She participates in the entire editing process for romance and young adult books, from acquiring “slush pile” submissions, to first, second and third pass editing, to galley proofreads.

She’s a current member of Romance Writers of America and Washington Romance Writers. 

If you need developmental and content editing, line editing, copyediting or proofreading help, get a hold of Jessica on her website at Jessica Snyder Edits. Click here to find her and get to know her on Facebook.

Facebook is King of Social Media Marketing

Facebook is King of Social Media Marketing

I just read the Social Media Examiner’s 2017 Social Media Report and from their research, hands down, Facebook is the marketer’s #1 social media outlet. Usage has gone up considerably in the last few years, but here’s the thing. While usage has gone up, belief in it’s effectiveness has gone down. Way down.

So why the discrepancy?

I think there are two reasons:

One, you can’t correlate sales and ad buys. Unless you have a “Shop Now” button on your page, you simply won’t know why people decide to buy your books. I do know authors who see a considerable jump in sales after a large ad buy. But even with the “Shop Now” button, what you’ll really know is when and how many. Over time, a correlation may be found between ad buys and sales, but the current state of Facebook doesn’t help us truly figure it out.

Two, no one understands Facebook. Truly. Why does one post get likes and shares and not another of the same vein. Why do some political posts grab a reaction and some don’t? Why do Sally’s puppies make a splash but John’s don’t? This is about human nature, which is inherently unreliable and unpredictable.

What does this mean for book marketers? Because there is a difference between “ad agency” guy and publicist. I know some book marketers who have stopped buying Facebook ads altogether and rely on the author’s followers and their followers, like a pyramid scheme, to spread the word. And they use other online marketing methods in conjunction.

My take is that Facebook ads help spread the word about your page and what you’re selling. They also help you grow a followership. But your community is what keeps them around. What are you posting to Facebook? People go to the social media network to find entertainment and news. It is not a built in shopping environment the way Amazon is.

For any author, the idea is that readers get to know you and feel exclusive in their interactions with you. People, in this case readers, want to feel a part of something cool. If you create that in a Facebook Group or on your Author Page, I believe you’ll find good results. I am not discounting ads, but unless you have McDonald’s $52B ad budget, I’d probably stick to buying them at opportune times:

  • New Book Out
  • Author Event
  • Free Give-Aways
  • Important Dates
    • Birthdays
      • Yours or Your characters
      • An important member of the team
    • Anniversaries
      • Your first day of writing or attending your first conference
      • Your books
    • St Paddy’s Day
      • Because who doesn’t love Lephrecauns
      • Pick your favorite holiday and do a give away then

Stick Around! We’ll talk about setting up Facebook Group Experiences and Amazon ads in later posts.